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Interior Styling Services Provided:


Initial Consultation:  

The consultation usually takes about 1 hour.  During the consultation we will go over your goals, desired styles, themes, colors, materials, room priorities, and general timeline.  We will discuss your inspirations, likes, and pet peeves about the space. I will also go over my rates and fees and try to work with your budget.   

Home Interior Styling:  

Customized styling for your entire home are within my scope of expertise.  You can pick and choose the services you would like. I can streamline the process in order to meet your needs on a shoestring budget or handle every detail for those with less constraints.

Room Interior Styling:

Customized styling for a specific room can be great for those on a shoe-string budget.  I can help get you started and then leave you to run with it.

Office Interior Styling: 

Customized styling for your office space while keeping your clientele's needs in mind.

Short-term Rental Styling:  Airbnb, VRBO, FlipKey, ect

Decorating short term rentals that will impress your guests and be tailored to the short-term rental market.  

Real Estate Staging:  

Looking to sell your home?  I can help make your home attractive for potential buyers.  I will work with what you own and edit what should stay or go in order to make the space appealing.  Please note that I do not provide any staging furniture.

Restaurant & Business Styling:  

Customized styling for your restaurant, business, or storefront window display.

Exterior Styling:  

Looking to come up with a plan for your outdoor patio or porch?  I can help you hatch a plan to make your outdoor spaces more attractive and functional.

Aerial View Decor
Plant Decor

Eco-friendly Sourcing

Soulful styling

Budget Styling

Refresh & Re-USE what you own

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