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Project HomeLess Youth 

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Support Northwest Youth Services

While interior styling is one of my passions I have another passion which feeds my soul.  I work with at-risk youth in Whatcom County and strive to balance the career of soulfully beautifying clients homes with work which contributes in meaningful ways to those who do not have homes.  My husband and I were coming home late one evening and next to the footbridge at Whatcom Creek was a youth sleeping alone on the ground, hunched up on some cardboard.  It was a sleety, cold night and we worried that the teen might not make it through the night in this blustery weather.  We decided to go home to get a warm blanket and some plastic to cover the teen to ensure he would survive the night.  We returned with the items and made sure the teen was responsive.  That evening was a wake-up call.  I have worked with at-risk teens for years, but realized I can do more.  My pledge is to continue to volunteer and work with homeless youth and to make a yearly donation to Northwest Youth Services.  They are currently working on raising funds for a new drop-in facility for teens.  I encourage clients to give what they can to support homeless youth in our community.  Click the link below to donate!  The homeless teen sleeping on cardboard tonight thanks you.


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