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My job as a contract marketing writer for Microsoft allows me to work from home many days a week. Over the years my desk has moved from room to room to room. After a recent remodel, I finally had a room to use for an office space but could not figure out how to make the space work. Every few months  I would move furniture here and there but it never looked good or felt like a comfortable and warm space. With only one day of Keri’s help, I now have an office I love to be in! While I worked at the kitchen table, she whizzed around the house finding under or unused bits and pieces of furniture and art. By the end of just a few hours my office was transformed. It is so comfortable and filled with things I love. I can’t thank Keri enough. Keri’s passion and dedication to up-cycling are unmatchable. She is the best!                     


Tammy Weisberger, Microsoft Marketing Writer

My husband and I recently moved into a larger home and I felt overwhelmed by the task of decorating a bigger space.  Keri took me under her wing and helped me scour vintage and thrift shops for unique finds that would bring some character to a newly built home.  Keri recognized the need to counter the newness with vintage finds and has a great eye for picking out just the right piece.  Occasionally I was nervous about a purchase, but as soon as we put things into place I was thrilled with the effect!  She gets my thumbs-up of approval and will be my go to for future interior styling needs.


Nicole Barrett

Tammy Weisberger, Client
Nicole Barret, client

My business partner and I purchased a 4 story Victorian office building downtown.  The Victorian had a lot of character, but desperately needed updating.  Keri and her husband, Carpenter Ant,  consulted with us and gave us valuable advice on choosing historic paint colors and remodeling.  The ideas aligned with our desire to maintain the historic charm of the building while making the office rooms functional.  I highly recommend both Nesting Instincts and Carpenter Ant.  You can't go wrong with this dynamic duo!

Amy McKenney, MS LMHC & Buisness Owner

Amy McKenney, client

I recently purchased my first home and sought out the help of Keri to source decor on a shoestring budget.  I didn't have time to go on rounds with her to vintage and thrift stores so I sent her on her own to source items for my home.  I'm not quite sure how she did it, but she scored some great finds.  She found an awesome wool rug at Goodwill, a retro light fixture from the Re-Store which we up-cycled with a coat of spray paint, and curtains from Labels.  She even gave me the great idea to work with the ugly grooved wall paneling by painting it with stripes.  After her help for two weeks I was able to continue decorating on my own feeling refreshed.  


Kristi Laree Bean, Special Education Teacher

Kristi Laree Bean, client

In a matter of minutes Keri came into my office and brought warmth and character.  She has an amazing eye for bringing personality into a space.  She helped me create a calmer more cohesive office.  I highly recommend Keri to anyone wanting assistance in creating a space that reflects who they are!

Colleen Semple, MS LMHC

My daughter had just moved out of the house; I was in the middle of finals week as an instructor at BTC; I had family coming in two weeks, and was getting over the flu.  HELP!! Our entire upstairs (2 bedrooms and a bathroom) needed to be ready for guests and all we had was a mattress.  Keri met with us and came up with a plan perfectly suited to my elegant, romantic style.  In two weeks she was able to source all the furnishings and decor and set up the entire upstairs.  Every item was sourced from vintage/thrift shops but looked brand new.  Wow...just wow!  Thanks Keri for all the amazing work you did! 

Andrea Johnson, Math Instructor Bellingham Technical College

Colleen Semple, client

Sometimes the universe brings just the right person into your life.  Keri has been that person

for me. After searching for over a year, I found the perfect house - a 1947 rambler with great natural light and plenty of room for gardening. Now, I needed to make it a home. Keri
turned what would have been a stressful and likely expensive journey into one that was so darn fun. She scoured Craig's List and second-hand stores for the perfect furniture, showcased treasured items at every opportunity, and, piece by piece, created rooms that are beautiful, functional, and bring me joy every day. I just can't say enough about Keri, her love for good design, and her ability to transform a space.

Rebecca Judd, Director Bellingham Public Library

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